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Freud and penis envy – it's such dangerous stuff. ?

Little boys have always been fascinated with their willy. Hands down their pants all the time ' willy playing.' Boys at school compare sizes - wank together when a little older and given any situation where a naked man is present, gay or straight, your eyes go straight for the crutch.

Women complain and say men are immature for playing with their willy all the time and the concept that men masturbate - MANY claim this is childish behaviour and only for teenagers, and this kind of rubbish speak helps no one, it just spreads misinformation and makes men feel foolish when the ' Mother Figure ' talks down to men about their sexuality - and that helps no one. Women who patronise do no good at all.

Men do - and should and as you get older - MUST masterbate at least once a week - if not more - to keep the prostate healthy. Women think themseves superior to men, and I really have absolutely no idea why.

Men can have multiple orgasms as well ( I teach how...)

Penis envy is true and accurate - world wide. Men and their dicks.

Freud came up with some outlandish and outragous concepts about male and female sexuality and it has to be said that in modern times, a great deal of his work has been damned as wrong, dangerous and actually quite twisted. Making claims that young girls fantasize about being raped and how young boys want to murder their Father and fuck their Mother is - well - odd to say the least.

He also claimed that Vienese children of the day were experiencing sexual fantasies and ' living them out' in their mind - when the truth which he knew but was afraid to expose to the Vienese society of the day for fear they might turn on him, - was that Vienese society was a sick and twisted society massively abusing children, and by turning it all around and here we have ' the expert' telling us that these children and fantasizing - so the next time a man raped a young girl or sexually abused a young boy, these children would lay back in their beds and say to themselves -

' Well the expert says this is not happening. The expert says I am dreaming it all.Then how come I am bruised and at this very moment some big lump is fucking my tight virgin hole aged 12...'

Is it all a fantasy ? Is this how you fuck up a whole generation of children by taking away their cognative ability to know right from wrong and what is and what is not actually happening to them physically from a very young age ?

Freud was a coward, and he assisted in the abuse by saying nothing after he found it to be true.

Doesn't this make Freud as guilty of pedophilia as Gary Glitter, Jimmy Savile, Roman Polanski or Harvey Weinstein ?

Doesn't it actually make him even worse, as he knew about others and said nothing. Was he just an ' ENABLER.' HAMILTON HALL - THE ONLY MEN ONLY - CLOTHING OPTIONAL HOTEL IN THE UK

Most people are a bit fucked up surrounding sex. Many people say they are dissatisfied with their sex life. It is easier for a gay men to find sex than it is for a straight man, and there is envy in that situation because we are geting it - while they are not, but this is common with anyone who is - and someone else is not - and that is life.

The article below, or at least the start of it - ( PLEASE CLICK TO READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE HERE ) - indiactes a litle of this and shows how other ' so called experts' in the field of the mind, have very different views.

Freud’s theory of the Oedipus complex was based on the belief that young children experienced an unconscious desire for their opposite-sex parent.

Freud also had controversial views on women, believing that their lives were dominated by sexual reproductive functions. He even wrote, in 1925’s ‘The Psychical Consequences of the Anatomic Distinction Between the Sexes’ that ‘women oppose change, receive passively, and add nothing of their own’. To Freud, women were simply men without penises (Cohler & Galatzer-Levy, 2008), so naturally he introduced a stage of ‘penis envy’ – where a woman realises she does not possess a penis, and experiences an envy of the male, which accounted for much of female behaviour. Freud claimed that the only way they could overcome this penis envy was to have a child of their own – even going as far as to suggest they wanted a male child, in their efforts to gain a penis.


His theory was unfairly based on a model where there was no place for femininity unless directly related to masculinity. Women were viewed as forever feeling morally inferior to men, who were said to have more developed superegos than women. This, according to Freud, was a problem that could never be resolved.

Helene Deutsch was first woman to join Freud’s Vienna Psychoanalytic Society in 1918, having published the first psychoanalytic book on women’s sexuality. She was one of his pupils, and built upon his theories in her study of woman’s psychological development, believing that women had a ‘passive-masochistic sexuality’, and were born only for reproduction. According to her, a young girl’s lack of penis meant she stopped identifying with her father and went on to develop fantasies of being raped. Deutsch believed that the ‘rape fantasy’ was an integral part of female sexuality, and with this the idea of a woman’s personality being determined by her lack of penis was strongly reinforced in society.

all in all it seems the MIGHTY PENIS ruins a lot of peoples lives and THE PENIS absolutely brings a huge amount of joy to little boys and even when adult, men should NEVER - EVER - feel guilty for enjoying their penis - as long as it is legal and above the age of consent and enjoyed by all involved.

The mighty dick is just that - a dick, and regardless of size, many men are immature when it comes to sexuality in general - mostly through lack of practice - and sexuality will always be an emotive subject and where people will always be getting themselves into trouble just because they want to get their dick wet.

Penis Envy is real, but not so much from children and women but between grown men. Gay or straight, many see the size of their dick as a sign of masculinity - which is incorrect as some of the most masculine big men, have tiny peckers, and some of the skinniest campest queens can be hung like a horse,- so dick does not make you masculine.


What are your comments:


Loved your article on Penis Envy John. Did make me laugh. My own younger brother has resented me his whole life as I am hung and he isn't. There is just a year between us and at school, in the changing rooms, I was well known after sport and the other boys all gathered round to see and to watch - and my brother grew up resenting me because of that. I am gay and he is now married and it is never mentioned, but I remember exactly how powerful his envy was. Rod. ( Barcelona )

Men go their graves resenting other men. Those old fat bastards who are married and are Grandfathers but gay and in hiding all their lives, come to gay events secretly and then bitch and moan at the hung guys who do not want sex with them. Some seem to assume all gay men must have sex with all gay men..Not true. David. ( Sollihull )

Read your piece on dick size. I am 6'6" - weigh just over 240lb - built huge compared to many and as I work out 3 days a week, my body - I have to admit - is built for days John. Many assume I am a security officer or policeman because of my build and the size of my stature.

But - I have a 3 inch penis. My balls hardly came down when a child and they are still 50% inside and have not dropped - and at 36, feel it is a bit late now.

My dick is tiny, and I mean TINY, and most of that is foreskin.

I do toot ( cocaine ) and this kills my hard on as well, and while this may dissapoint many - for a man of my size, - I am passive sexually. Very masculine, but passive. I would love to be the fantasy huge top guy as I certainly have the frame for it but God had other plans for me and whatever Karmic journey I have chosen this time, I must have had one hell of a sense of humour planning this life in advance of being born. It has taken me a long time to come to terms with my dick and it is not something I advertise - and many may fantasize over me and I do not dispell their fantasies and even joke about my huge cock knowing they are never going to see it, and when alone, and when horny and wanking, I do feel less of a man sometimes but know this is not good thoughts, and live my life to please me and if others have a problem with my dick, and remembering I am twice the size of most men physically, I just loom over them and ask if they have a problem with any part of me - because if they have .....

Thanks John. Read your Blog each week from page to page and love the hairy guys you put pictures of. Great stuff.

Barry ( Ealing )

John: My partner has a big dick - a huge dick, and 15 years ago felt so unhappy with his body not matching the splendour of his man meat, he joined a gym and started taking steroids and withina year had a body to match, BUT - and it is a very BIG BUT - He now attracts the men he always wanted but could not get, but when he gets them, he cannot have sex as his enormous dick has shrunk to average and he cannot get an erection any longer and I think it is all the steroids. WE stopped having sex a long time ago and while I still enjoy a good sex life with others - he has no sex at all and has not done so for at least the last decade simply because his dick has shrunk and does not get hard because of the steroids.

So he has the body and he has the dick, but it doesn't work any more. Sad, but true. Kevin ( Earls Court )


My friend Danny hates his big dick. It is enormous. Must be 10 inches and very thick. He hates it as everyone is only ever after him for his dick - always wants him to fuck them while he prefers to be a bottom - is too big in shorts and swimming trunks and just looks obvious - and on the few occasions when he has braved it on a naturist beach, you can see everyone staring and he gets all embarrassed and wants to hide.. Ha ha ... Whereas I would be out there showing it off to anyone and everyone, but not him. It has really affected him and he desperately wants a couple of inches off, and I think he is nuts. There are two sides to every story. Nigel. ( London )




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