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Hi John,I have a Question ? Do you allow Healthy Hiv+ Guest to stay at your Hotel ?

Maybe I over reacted a tad, but when I received this e mail above - I despared for the future of humanity when someone can ask such a backward and dangerous question to a gay venue who advertise - and have done so for 21 years - how we offer free holidays for those with HIV and those in need of a holiday but who cannot afford one. I was shocked that anyone could be that backward. Shocked that anyone could actually show themselves to be that backward and to offer such a bigoted view to the world, for that is what this is - a bigot. What if he has asked if we took blacks or jews - any different ? No of course not.

How anyone can ignore decades of medical breakthrough and major breakthroughs BY THE LGBT COMMUNIUTY to get the recognition we need - not just as equals - but with medication for HIV, marriage, pensions and life insurace and so much more. Being HIV Positive and not being allowed into venues is going back more than three decades when fear surrounded everyone with HIV;- but for goodness sake, - we are lightyears ahead now and yet this - prat - seems to have completely overlooked all the knowledge available and ask me this absolutely dumb question and my answer is below.

Dear Philip.

You have been receiving my e mails and weekly Blog since 2014 .

7 long years.

Now you ask if healthy HIV Positive people are allowed to stay.


Do you honestly think we screen our guests and disallow HIV Positive people from staying ?

Have you never seen how we offer free holidays to those who are ill with HIV or are in need ?

Have you REALLY not paid attention to ANYTHING that has happened in the last 7 years and do you REALLY think your question to be a valid and competent question from a grown man after almost 40 years of HIV education ?

I am shocked anyone can still be stuck with a 1980’ mental health space as backward and as dangerous as this.

Hun – What planet are you on ?

I am absolutely shocked at your question and can only put it down to you having a real senior moment.

That question is disgraceful and you should be ashamed for asking such a thing and if you do not get how dangerous your comment is – AND AFTER HUNDREDS OF E MAILS AND OPPORTUNITIES TO GO TO MY WEB SITE AND CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF – when clearly you are just too damned lazy, or a complete fool, and this indicates that you are NOT someone I want at my venue as your mental health place is decades behind the rest of us and you clearly are not paying attention to very much.

Not appreciated and you will be banned from Hamilton Hall if you remain this stupid and think you can get away with it without someone like me picking you up on it.

Absolutely disgraceful behaviour from a grown man and I shall most certainly put this on the Blog next week to show people exactly the sort of fool we have to put up with.

An apology helps and you realizing what a dangerous thing you asked would also help as otherwise, I have absolutely no respect for you at all.

John Bellamy

Now I may have over reacted, but when I think back to the scores of funerals I went to, the scores of friends who died, the scored of bedsides I sat at: - the young, the handsome, those with decades ahead of them - dead and buried and here this man is 30 years later and he has learned absolutely nothing at all, absolutely nothing at all - ,and I find that disgraceful.

How do you feel about this e mail:


He responded with :- 'You are nasty queen ! with bed bugs'

Which confirms we are dealing with an old fool here who grabs at anything he can think of to hide his own lack of good manners and decency and resides behind an attack on me - which is rather dumb of him as he has not been here and he has no idea of my venue and besides the point we do not have bed bugs, and this pathetic - and it is - pathetic - attempt to defend himself from being a racist bigot just confirms I am right, he is not man enough to see the error of his ways - not adult enough for an old man of 66 to look within and as you can see for yourself, he is a coward. He is scared to look at his own biogoted view and see it for what it is.

He is afraid to examine his own cognitive abilities as he is stuck in a mind set that disallows any retrospective inner sight at what is wrong with the self and he is running away at full speed.


John. It's not the question - it is the expected answer. He is asking if you discriminate. Coming from a gay man I am not surprised you were shocked and disgusted. I would be as well.


Hi John

I think that your response to the idiot who asked the question was spot on !!!

But one small point - you don’t have to be old to be stupid - I’ve met a number of young guys who have demonstrated the same level of stupidity and ignorance as that clown did to you.

Hoping to be in the UK in October and will enquire re a place to lay my head when plans are fixed. Best regardS. Ray.

John. Think this man lives under a rock. Your anger is right on target and only by being harsh do some people learn. Not this old fool though. William W.

After all the spoken and written words shared. After all the years - decades - of informnation and editorials and media coverage. After so many died and so many left traumatised. After the eventual discovery of meds that work and now people live with HIV - they rarely die with it - and this man has obviously been living a completely blinkered life and has remained ignorant as hell. I can feel your frustration and annoyance John. I really can. Foolish old man. Den.

Trouble with this mans comment about accepting HIV Positive guests is that he has not paid attention and learned and is now just asking a simple question that's answer was stated loud and clear at least 25 years ago with new medication and the ability to Live with Aids and not Die with Aids. He is correct to ask and at least he did, but admitting to such iognorance decades after the fact and then turning into an arsehole when you bark - shows he doesn't want to learn at all. Well done on barking John, some people enjoy being ignorant. Tim.

John. It seems we missed one. After decades of of misinformation from the media surrounding HIV / Aids and where it was claimed Aids could be caught from a toilet seat, and after decades of work from numerous organisations like the THT / Elton John Foundation . Body Positives and so many more,- and it seems all that good work, all those thousands of hours spent and magazine editorials and so much more - and all this was ignored by this man who asked about accepting people with HIV. All this missed him by. I assume he has been living in a vaccuum or maybe as a hermit - or maybe his home is on the Dark Side of the Moon, as I find it hard to believe someone asks such an offensive thing in 2021. This is not 1987 and this is not the same planet as back then yet this man assumes nothing has changed in nearly 40 years and asks a backward question that beggars belief. I felt your anger John, I truly did, and most certainly your anger is worthy in this instance. Dennis.

Sorry for you John. Months closed and busy redecorating with no annoying customers and as soon as you open you get all this hassle from a bigoted fool who absolutely should know better. Old fool... if you read this - WAKE UP AS YOUR ATTITUDE AND IGNORANCE IS OFFENSIVE. Russell.

Appalling attitude John considering how many years we have struggled for equality in law and this man assumes you discriminate or he wouldn't have asked the question. In just a few words this man has shown us how he has truned a blind eye to anything other than what affects him personally and now asks this out of date question and I accept how annoyed you would have been. There really is no excuse. Tony W.

John: Next you will be asked if you allow blacks and hispanics - and I did enjoy your reply as he needed a kick in the bollocks after showing himself to be that backward in his thinking. Well done you John. Robert M.

John: I was also open mouthed when I read the title of the piece about allowing HIV Healthy people to stay. I couldn't believe it was real. I was actually annoyed as I worked for 15 years with the THT and had to face a huge amount of discrimination and genuine fear back in the 80's and 90's - and as we have worked so hard to educate the people it seems here in one man who seems to have missed everything that has happened in the last 30 years. This man deserves a severe ball bashing as his actions and his input are far from acceptable. ( name withheld )

Maybe you should have told him you only allow dead people at Hamilton Hall as his question is not even rhetorical it is serious. I thought it funny to start with then realised it was real and went OMG. If this is what you have to put up with, then no wonder so many venues close after a few years. David W.

John. When my wife of 35 years was dying of breast cancer, all sorts of educated and bright people turned into blithering fools asking the sort of question like ' Have you seen a doctor ' when of course we had and the very question insulted our intelligence, and this coming from educated people. Some people are so afraid of death it ruins their life and they run from any health problem and do not read and do not pay attention and through ignorance, survive quite content. Ignorance though is no excuse when dealing with the outside world and with life and death - and good for you for barking at this man. He deserved it. Henry.


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