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I am being sued.

Just as we are about to re open I find I am being sued by someone who didn't turn up for Christmas as he assumed we had - incorrectly I might point out - cancelled the event and he was refused a refund at the time because he did not cancel, did not turn up and therefore, he looses 100% of his money.

I am strict with our Cancellation Policy because the few really do try and mess about - financially - and I will not enter into game-playing when it comes to business.

Christmas is a HUGE amount of work beforehand, and when customers do not turn up and expect their money back, then I have been put to a mountain of preperation work, and all for nothing - so our strict Cancellation Policy holds firm.

It is currently going to mediation and I shall be flexible, but firm, as I am not about to surrender to a fool who should have known better and not expect a full refund for messing up.

Another man asked for a refund of £25 from 7 months ago after he misread e mails sent at the time and is another who expects a full refund - and I think he assumes we have free banking, and that my time is also for free and considering it took 6 e mails from me before he offered the correct information needed - there is no way he will get a penny back. ( Read my response to him at the bottom of the page. )

What astounds me.

I am offered an extremly unprofessional approach to business. I REALLY shouldn't have to ask and ask and ask to get what should be common sense - like your name for a start where I am expected to know who is on the phone with absolutely no explanation of who and what ... and I am astounded how many men, of a ' certain age' like me - SHOULD KNOW BETTER but assume they don't need to actually THINK when doing business with me and it causes so much extra work which, quite simply, irritates - when with just a little thought ... just some consideration ... just some respect and offering the kind of professional approach you would offer British Airways or any other corporate body but feel they can forget all that when dealing with a smaller venue, and it does annoy.

The again today after 4 days dealing with a customer where he booked for a weekend and then asked for a price to extend by 4 nights, a price was given and the Diary checked and e mail returned and it was all agreed he wanted the extra days and then after making the charge and sending him an e mail receipt for the extra days, suddenly he is all confused and he doesn't want them and didn't know what he was doing yet HE ASKED ME FOR THE EXTRA DAYS and now I am forced to refund those extra nights charged ;- and for my time and effort will retain £50 as my time has been wasted at a busy time and I could sit here and cry ...


So it has cost him £50 - but I would prefer not to have the £50 and not to have the extra stress, hassle and fuck up as I am sure the customer is pissed at being charged £50 and he was everso apologetic and I hate to be harsh but - I am not here to be messed with and now my dog has not been for her walk , I have not been able to do half the things I had planned and all because one man messes about.

GET YOUR FUCKING ACT TOGETHER. Not a word about ' How are you - How is your business coping with lockdown - Hope you are all well - Have you had your jabs yet ? - Thanks for the weekly Blog ' - not a single word showing any kind of care - any kind of thought for another, all that was offered was for his money and - sorry - but under the conditions we are all in, that kind of cold hearted thoughtless attitude SUCKS BIG TIME and that kind of self centred me me and only me - attitude - also SUCKS - and I am not afraid to read the riot act at some of these selfish assholes who only see as far as their own lives and not a moment spent thinking about others.

One sentence - one - ' Hope you are well' is all that is needed - something personal as I am not a corporation.

I appreciate there is a lot of mental health within the LGBTQ Community - but during a global pandemic where billions are affected - e mails like the ones below absolutely delight in their thought - their care and their affection offered to another at a time when we are all wanting - we are all feeling it and we are all waiting and desperately needing to get back to the real world again, and being there for each other - as this e mails below does - absolutely helps keep the spirits up, the mind focused and living in the knowledge that there are some delightful and thoughtful people out there, makes it worth while as believe me, without them, I'd have closed years ago.

Most people who ' have a job' have absolutely no idea what it is like to run their own business and to be 100% responsible and to be working and thinking and worrying and concerned 24 / 7 - and even when off - alarms can go off in the night - customers can want something in the middle of the night... and running your own business can be stressful and when the public mess about, it closed more venues than you can possibly imagine.

This is not meant to be about me. This is aimed and meant to be about YOU. How are YOU coping ? How are YOU dealing with others less fortunate than yourself? How are YOU with being there for others and putting yourself in their position, feeling their worries and anxieties, and trying to help ease and comfort. How are YOU when it comes to offering of yourself, unselfishly and with no hidden agenda - to helping, guiding, being there and being aware - seeing, feeling, sensing and knowing - others - and sometimes, putting yourself on the back burner and helping and concentrating on those far worse off than you, and being there for them.

Some of your e mails
Scroll Down for my answer to Mr. £25 Refund.

Hi John,

I am so so happy and proud of you.You and your helpers had the required patience,

determination,courage and faith in your selves.You knew all along that there had to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Your 'gamble' paid off. I am praying that things will get even better,with the general population acting responsibly

I am looking forward to your JOF weekend-- that is my favourite fantasy

Lets all pray that the new variants disappear

Stay safe my friend.See you soon


Dear John. Once again a wonderful read of the Blog. I read it all and so look forward to receiving it every Sunday. You are a very considerate person and we could do with more like you around. Geoff. Hi John. Another great read. Thanks for pointing me in the direction about Colon Cancer on your latest Blog. Hope you are keeping well and business will pick now you have re opened. I am booked in for June and look forward to meeting again. Roger T.

I hear your stress John and agree when you say the self employed work the hardest. I closed my guest house, fed up with stupid people messing about as if it was fine for them and harrowing for me, and my partner and I got really sick of it and quit. Dealing with the gay crowd was also a hard lesson we had to learn as they can be the worst. I do hope you get sorted and people stop their games as your venue is too valuable to the gay scene and you cannot close, we need you. Robby.

My wife was so accepting we decided to take gay B&B. Within a short time she said that the gays were a difficult lot making demands etc. and could we stop accepting only the gays. It seems though, it is not just gay people who mess about and stress you out, so does everyone else John. So many prats. So many who have no idea about business. WE now only take group bookings and find this easier as we deal with one host and one payer and the rest follow along. Keep it up John, keep it up. Rob and Kate.

You do astound me John and it is such a reward getting your Blog each week. Cannot tell you how much I enjoy it and the naked hairy men are the best. It wastes the whole day for me and fills an otherwise sad and lonely period, as Sundays always are a bit of a damp squid for me, and you certainly cheer me up. I do hope you are getting the support you are offering to so many and that there is someone there for you during these harsh times. Barry.

John. Terry and I closed our gay B&B some years ago as we were sick of it and sick of those who take advantage. It came to a head for us when we put ourselves out a lot to help and assist someone with dyslexia and his partner who was deaf and we did a lot for these guys as even taking the booking was difficult with numerous e mails and phone calls and we should have known in advance it was going to be difficult. Not even a thankyou or a tip for the bedroom girl - nothing. Later I went onto Trip Advisor and found a one star review from them and nothing but fault finding and critisism of how we had not helped, not been there for them and not ( almost - wiped their bloody asses for them ) and we were both astounded, absolutely astounded. We answered the review stating the facts and my partner was so sick of it - so sick of the abuse thrown at us by gay men and so fed up with helping others and getting nothing, not even a good review, in return, and he insisted we close and retire with the money we eventually sold the B&B for enabled us to move to Spaon where we have retired and live a peaceful stress free life. I hear you John I absolutely do and I sympathize. Sincerely. David & Terry ( Barcelona )


As you said there are always few bad apples( ass holes) in the barrel. Just let them rot Majority, I am sure, are kind hearted souls Keep your chin up, and continue with your commendable work. You too take care my friendShall pray for a brighter and sustainable future to all of us . See you soon BS

John. I have moved up to Yorkshire and doubt I shall visit again as its a bit far but still want to receive your e mails and Blog as it is good to be part of the Hamilton Hall Family. During this last period of moving house during lockdown and the isolation felt in a new town where I know no one - yet - your newsey e mails always keep me joyous and informed.

Thanks John. Keep it up. Dave.

To quote the song John. 'I was scared and I was petrified '- when I was taken into hospital with Covid. My boyfriend deserted me - ran for the hills and have not heard a word from him since even though I made an almost full recovery and have been home for over 4 months now. Not even a Get Well Card, and this coming from someone I had lived with for 5 years. So I threw all his stuff out this week, every last item he had left here and if he wants it back, he'll have to venture to the local tip. At the worst time in my life, the one person I absolutely thought would be there for me, wasn't. It left me feeling gutted. Absolutely gutted. I felt like shit with Covid anyway and breathing and everything was hard and my body ached and - well - that paled compared to being abandoned at that time and I now absolutely hate the man, hate hate hate him for what he did and if I ever saw him again I do not know how I would control my anger enough not to beat the shit out of the fucking french cunt. Sorry John. Your compassion and regular e mails and Newsletter helped enormously and kept me in touch with someone and some where I have fond memories of, you and Hamilton hall and it did help pull me through. Not sure I will ever get over Covid 100% as it lingers - and the pain and hurt I feel from the French Cunt as I now call him, still bleeds within and I seeth with anger at how anyone could be so selfish and thoughtless, and your article touched me and I knew I had to write. It has also made me feel better, so thanks for that.

There should be a blue plack on your house John. Affectionately. Clive.

Simply wonderful that your about to open again, was a delight to get read your new post from someone way down at the other end of the world. Kind regards to you Sir.

Thanks again John for the Blog. Look forward to it. Alone here and cut off away from friends and family as everyone is and your weekly chat keeps me sane. One day maybe we will meet. I hope so. Thanks John. You are a life saver. Malcolm.

So glad you’re open and you are able to be a safe haven again for many people ♥️

Wishing you all the luck in the world and looking forward to your hilarious emails!

Lots of love K.

Glad to see you are open again. Missed being able to come and stay and escape the family occasionally. Boy have you been missed. I am booked in as soon as I can escape some time in June. Looking forward - OH you cannot imagine John how much I look forward to escaping to Hamilton Hall again. Bill.

John. After 3 weeks in hospital with Covid and where I honestly cannot remember too much as I think I was in some kind of stupour with meds etc. I am home and have been for a couple of months and regaining my strength and capacities.

The council have given me 3 daily visits from Social Services to keep an eye on me as it took it out of me and I am frail for my age ( 56 ) after such a bad experience. To those Covid Deniers, let me at them... let me get my scrawney hands around their fucking throat ( sorry to swear John ) and let me throttle the life out of these idiots as the harm and the stress they cause while knowing nothing of what some are going through with their imaginary pandemic that according to them does not exist. Your Blog has been a great help. Kept me interested and in touch. My memory was bad for a while and I forgot all sorts of things and having that weekly reminder really has helped. I lost 4 stone in hospital and while I have put some back on, not sure you will recognise me again, and shall book later in the year after I know I am really okay and can travel without being scared all the time. You are a precious person John and thank you for being who you are. Derick.

All the best for your re opening. Happening here soon as well. Josh. Sydney Australia.

a'nd there are so many more. So guys, be nice. Be thoughtful. Be the person you admire and stop with the selfish arrogance, the thoughtless attit ude and the ignorance of anyone elses feelings - and get back in touch with your humanity, that thing that connects us all as part of the same family, part of the same game and part of the same community - your humanity - as it only takes one to destroy and is much nicer not to, and to be part of a loving supportive family.

John Bellamy

My answer to Mr. Give Me My £25 Back Please.

You see why you do not get a refund. You have now sent me 6 e mails this morning.

Do you think I work for free or have nothing else to do ?

Minus banking charges and my time – you will get pennies refunded and is simply not worth while financially.

You surely were not expecting the full £25 refunded – we do have charges and the more e mails I am forced to read, the more work you put me to, and the answer for just £25 - is no.

You were quite capable of e mailing any time during the last 6 months to keep in touch, remind me and be nice and supportive towards others, whereas we hear nothing from you until now.

We have been supporting the community throughout and you have been receiving our weekly Blog / Newsletter sent out since Lockdown as a way of keeping in touch, keeping people informed and keeping the community feel going – yet not even a whisper from you until you want your money back.

Not a thought. No consideration towards us.

Not even a question asking how we are, how we are coping and glad to see we are open, not a word, not a thought for someone else. It’s all about your £25.

As stated. No refund David and I am actually shocked all you think about is your money and not your fellow human beings..

Quite disgraceful David under the circumstances. Quite thoughtless and self centred.

No more answering e mails concerning this. It is over.


I did not hear again.


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