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I have a new dog

I have a new dog.

As you know, my Weimaraner dog - Honey - was put to sleep on

December 28th last, as she was ill with cancer and it was cruel to keep her alive and in pain and at 13 years of age and covered in cancerous lumps, she went to the Doggy Playground in the sky.

It came to an evening where she looked towards me with her big eyes full of pain and asking me for help, and as any kind and thoughtful parent would do, after having a little chat between us where we shared some tears ( well I did ) I explained what was happening with her, and where I feel she understood ( Thank you Doctor DooLittle... ) and she was straight down the vet the next morning.

Putting any animal down is upsetting and when it is one who has shared your life, your room, your bed, your playtimes and fun times together, it is always with a heavy heart that one makes that loving decision you always know might arrive one day and - it did on Wednesday December 28th 2022.

But life goes on. It was on the eve of a new year - so some endings and some new beginnings - and I am not one to rush into getting a new dog to replace the old one, as you can never do that as all dogs - like all people - are different.

So as Woody, Gary and Philip here at Hammy Hall all said it wasn't the same without a dog, and as I had always said I would get another - we checked out a few Rescue Centres that make it SO HARD to actually adopt, I gave up even going there - and looked on the Free Ads on-line - and although most dogs for sale are puppies, I eventually found her - my new companion, my friend, my little baby.

Her name is Elle.

She is from Romania - and has been living recently in Eastbourne - She is just 3 years old - Has already had a litter of pups and was brought to the UK and has had 2 owners since and now is with me.


It was clear that her last Dad was very upset to pass her on, but his health is not too good and having to take her on long walks was becoming too much, and while I am probably in the same predicament - bad hips etc... at least I have Woody here who came with me to collect her and was full of enthusiasm to get another dog, so she will get plenty of exercise as Woody is ( mmm ) over 20 years younger than myself so - ( mmm again ) she will not go without. Her old Dad was also told that any time he wants to see her or come visit or just ask how she is doing, he is very welcome, just leave it a while so not to confuse her. It must be hard having to give up a loving pet like this and I completely appreciate the emotions at play. It is exciting for Elle and a whole new beginning. It is a farewell and loneliness without her presence once departed.

She is a German Short Haired Pointer, weights about 24kg so is considerably smaller than Honey who was 35kg - and we are learning about one another. It takes a couple of weeks to get to know each other, share what she knows and what I know, and to understand each others little ways. She is jet black with hints of white and I swear I cannot see her at nights - so have a great collar that lights up in the dark... ( not too camp huh ? ) and naturally although I have all the doggy stuff, had to buy her a few new toys and harness etc.

She is very playful and the one reason I decided against another Weimaraner was after having spent 1/3rd my life with Weimaraner's - I have decided I wanted a dog that showed more affection and was not so stand offish, which is common with Weimies - one that showed she was pleased to see me, wags her tail showing she is happy, thrilled to be here and actually wants to play and not get bored within a minute and walk off leaving me holding the ball, or having to walk miles picking up the ball she ignored.

Honey was a right Madam like that, a right snooty bitch some times and one wondered who owned who ? She looked at me with such distain sometimes and it did make you laugh. I think she was just putting up with me for food... ha ha .... Oh I know she loved me dearly, of course she did, but like some people - some do not show their affection and can seem a bit cold but - love all the same but just do not show it very much.

So I am sure you will be greeted by Elle - or as I shall be calling her - Ella - as soon as you come and stay and like Honey and Missy before her, she will remember you and welcome you each time.

Many guests since Christmas have said it is not the same here without a dog, and they were right. Having a dog around makes the family complete. It makes Hamilton Hall happy. It makes me happy and it makes for a general aura of fun and love and togetherness.

Life ends.

Life starts again.

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, life continues and we shed our tears, we have our regrets and / or happy memories - and we do what is the only thing we can do,- we move on.

I can never replace Honey - as I can never replace my Mother - and any new dog in my life is a completely new beginning - a new child to learn and teach and love and just as with Honey, I will love and adore, fall over her, play and mess about together, go for regular walks, which will do me good - and make a life where we both become as one - with Woody and the others as an extended family, and with cuddles and love, we begin again.

Euthanasia - Having Honey 'put down' or 'put to sleep.' This is something I strongly support for people as well as our pets. ONLY for those who are terminally ill and there is no hope. Self Assisted Suicide MUST be put into law, with strict guidelines and protocols to protect the innocent / feeble - for as I saw my Mother deteriorate with Dementia and where she hadn't a clue WTF was going on, the confusion and fear left her scared all the time - and she would NOT have wanted to end her days like that and would have told me to put a pillow over her face;- give her some medication to end it all - make her watch Match of the Day repeatedly - ( that's worse than death to me... repeats of MOTD ??? AAhhh ) ANYTHING - so she would not have to suffer and loose it mentally the way she did.

March 30th 2023 I have been here at Hamilton Hall for 23 years and Elle is my 3rd dog I have had here. Originally I moved in with my two elderly cats I had In London days. Within a couple of years they both died of cancers or old age and I thought about getting a dog again after 20 year without - and that was around 15 years ago now.

So welcome Elle to Hamilton Hall.



The only unspayed bitch at Hamilton Hall is you dear. The poor dog must be wondering what the fuck she did to deserve you as an owner... Of all the homes she could have gone to ? ! ? ! ? BUT I cannot think of a better person to share a life with, a better home than Hamilton Hall and a better life for herself in her Forever Home. As you always do John, you love openly and honestly and I wish you both all the love and hugs and games and - well - you get the picture. Well done the two of you to have found each other. Errol.

Good for you John. Cannot wait to meet the new family member. David A new dog and not a Weimey ? Good for you and welcome Elle. Steven

Welcome Elle. I am down in a couple of weeks and shall look forward to meeting your new companion. Robert

John I lost my dog before Christmas. I got him from RSPCA 7 years ago, someone came to visit and said it was an idea home for a dog, bungalow with large garden in countryside so i decided to to get another rescue dog but it seems to be all about filling in forms and ticking boxes now, I tried several rehoming places but they all seem the same it's as though they don't want you to have one so I gave up, a neighbour had the same problem even though she keeps lots of other animals and has always had dogs also cats protection wouldn't let her have a cat unless she signed to say it would never be let out so she got 2 off someone in the village. Best wishes John

You are right John. When my dog died some time ago, I was lost without her. My new dog is very different and you can never replace - just start again. Best thing I ever did, to be a dog owner as they give so much love in return and I would never want to be without a dog in my life. Mike.

Oh she is a darling. Cannot wait to say hello and see you all again. Not been down since before Covid / Lockdown started yet came 4 - 6 times a year before. Now back and ready to visit again and it really will be a new beginning. Hugs to everyone as well as Elle. Bill.

I've always had dogs since I was a child. Lost my last one just before lockdown and I have not replaced her as yet. It has been lonely without and now hearing you talk about your new Elle makes me want to go ahead again and give a FOREVER HOME to a rescue dog. Thanks John, you gave me the impetus to get going on adoption. Steve.

Ah I am so pleased for you. Can't wait to meet Ella so shall arrange to pop into a Coffee Morning soon. Den

( Wednesdays at 10.30am - 1pm - £10 - Cakes, Pate, Cheeses, Fresh Coffee, Juices etc and all naturally naked )

You say your new dog - Elle - needs spaying. John. Can I suggest you need spaying as well. Maybe the vet can give you a special 2/4/1 deal. My dog really calmed down after his balls were cut off - so maybe there is hope for you yet my Lovie. Love you - Johnny


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