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I was raped, butt fucked hard and dry, no condom, no poppers, no please and thankyou & then ignored.

' And who did this to you John ?' I hear you ask ?
'Who is big enough and strong enough to do such a thing to you John ? '

You see, Pozitive Energy informed me many weeks after my gas company went to the wall that the government had temporarily placed my account in their hands until I signed up with a new company and after several arguments with them they sent me a bill today.

Pozitive Energy Ltd is charging you £344.09 for Account Id: Gas Bill from 07-12-2021 to 17-12-2021

So a ten day period when the hotel was empty and just the 3 of us here, with limited heating and hot water on - and with limited expenditure on utilities - and yet what is usually a monthly charge - I am being charged for a ten day period, so this works out at 3 times the cost I was paying previously and is much more expensive than the company I have signed up with to commence January 1st 2022, and this -


If ever there was abuse from the top, this is it. If ever you wondered why the world was so fucked up... This is it.

If ever you thought corporate business was there for the people, think again, they are there to fuck you to the wall, and they don't give a damn whether they infect you, leave you diseased and dying, they will do nothing to help and aid you during bad times but punch fuck you until you surrender painfully and with no hope of recovery until they win and you - as usual - loose out to corporate power claiming yet another victim. They leave you haemorrhaging painfully until you die and they don't give a fuck.

Am I being a bit dramatic - because when I saw that bill above on my e mail today I flipped a lid, I was in shock, as while I knew it would be high, I had no idea this company was going to fuck me so hard and especially during a contagious period in our history. I am completely disgusted with Pozitive Energy. They are just money grabbing cunts who care nothing at all about people, but profit. It works out at £34.50 PER DAY or £240 a week JUST FOR GAS - and this will be the reason old peoples homes will turn the heating down and the residents will shiver - prices will go up and people will moan and wonder WTF and blame the business for ripping them off when it is the gas companies - and hundreds of venues will close for good. I've looked into solar - too many dormer windows on my roof and is way way way beyond being a reasonable price for the return. Wind turbine - not suitable for in the middle of town.

As a Clothing Optional venue, people expect it warm enough to go naked in, and where we can, you might have to dress and wear a sweater as with prices like this, we cannot compete, even though we recently increased our prices to help keep up, and after nearly a full year closed and our second disasterous Festive Season - we are drastically down financially and with this, it makes me just sit here staring in to space wondering what the future holds - not just for me, but for all of you as well as this is affecting millions, and millions are in the same boat and I am not alone in this rip off.

Millions of innocent people are being fucked by big business.

And B-B-B-Boris waffles away about taking the jab and keeping 2 metres apart while this pompous blustering fool gats some things SO RIGHT - and others SO WRONG and while I appreciate there is no precedence for any of this and all governments will make mistakes, his waffle and his speech style disgusts at a time when we need clear and defined leadership and not what he offers with his blustering and his 'in-bred' stupidity and condescending manner towards us, ' the little people' - you know - THE ONES WHO PAY FOR IT ALL. The 99% who pay for the 1% like him. I understand this is a global problem. I know. I understand the logistics of it all and the global melt down / or increases involved. I get it.

This is the world we live in during a pandemic ??? where big business sees this as a way of making money ( WTF ? ) taking away our control and power and inflicting as much damage on the human psyche as they can.

And B-B-B-Boris and the government do nothing while small business close at a dramatic rate and only the BIG BOYS will be left. No independent shops left soon and nothing will be done.

So PLEASE remember to shop locally and support your small shops. Tesco and Sainsbury's etc. will survive and make millions while the small family shops will close forever UNLESS YOU SUPPORT THEM...

This goes for the gay venues near you. saunas, Bars, Night Clubs and even sex shops have all suffered long closed periods and chances are, many will never re open. Some will take the governments hand out and will vanish off - fraudulently taking the money and running, and hundreds have done just this,- while those of us interested in staying open and offering a healing space for those interested in starting afresh - is picking up from the old and with some repair work and patching things up, continue rebuilding what we have left for a new beginning. Moving forward together - supporting, nurturing and realizing we are not in this alone.

John Bellamy


Some of your e mails :

John: They wont even tell me what my bill is and I don’t have my credit back yet from avio energy I think this is shocking. Of course they went broke. BM

John. I have been moved to a new gas company who have trebled my charges. I am complaining loudly but to no avail. I am screwed. My one bedroom flat now costs me double to heat and for hot water and there is nothing I can do. It's as much as my mortgage each month. Simon Clever writing John. Started reading thinking you had really been raped. Good usage of words to get my attention, and BOY you got my attention. Walt.

Can't wait to revisit and spend some money with you and help Ham Hall stay put. Too important to loose you as well as so much else through Covid. Wishing you well and so much for this weekly Blog - you cannot believe how it has saved my life each week. Clive.

I am full of admiration for how you keep churning out this weekly newsletter of yours. Look forward to reading it each week. Know its new since the original lockdown and so thoughtful, so clever, so imaginative John. Here in Malta not a lot to interest with no tourists and no job. My business closed and I am left stranded. Your newsletter helps keep my sanity knowing someone cares out there and I am not alone. Manny -------------------------------------------------