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Inside the rise and fall of The Jeremy Kyle Show: ‘It was a ticking timebomb’

Fuelled by conflict, the programme ruled daytime TV. Two years after it was taken off air, former staffers reflect on a toxic culture that ended in tragedy.

In 2017, Kane Manning wasn’t in a good place. He was worried about his brother, Craig. Craig’s ex was claiming he was the father of her baby. Craig wasn’t sure if he was; Kane was convinced he couldn’t be. It was a difficult time for the family: Kane’s father had been murdered, and the man who killed him had only just been convicted. The doubts over the baby were causing unnecessary heartbreak.

Then he got a call from a producer at ITV Studios who offered to make the problem disappear. Craig’s ex had called in to The Jeremy Kyle Show, asking for a DNA test. Jeremy Kyle would reveal the result on daytime TV in front of the studio audience. They wanted Kane to be on stage to hear it.


John Bellamy Comments:

I hated the show. Couldn't stand it. It was dangerous - manipulative and we did not need to read this piece above to know exactly how many people were on the show and how it destroyed their lives and while claiming to have ' back up' of professionals to help after the show, this was a joke and as soon as the show had been filmed, you were dropped like a hot potato.

It's all about making a programm, and fuck anyone and everyone who gets in the way of a good story and ratings.

A few years ago BBC's Panorama program was shown to be doing exactly the same - using a nurse to expose the NHS to cruel behaviour with the OAP's in its care and as soon as the program was shown, the nurse was fired and the BBC did absolutely nothing to help her, and her life was ruined and the good old Beeb turned its back and ignored her pleas for help.

As a therapist, it can be hard to get to the truth of any situation and can take many visits with a therapist until the truth comes out and here we have a 10 minute slot where the beginning, middle and end result has to be met within that time slot and is done so by bullying, shouting , manipulating and embarrasing the person on stage - in front of a live audiance and millions of viewers, into submission, and while a result may be met, it is done so at great cost to the person involved. It is not an easy fix or an easy solution and bullying and shouting just makes it worse. Personally, I couldn't stand the man himself- as I always saw him as just another fucked up bully with a bit of power and a film crew, take that away and he is nothing - unworthy - dangerous and as in so many cases, the cause of great emotional distress and eventual suicide - and he just goes onto the next victim as if nothing had happened.

Years ago when a gay man confessed his love on TV for a fellow workmate, who was straight, and where the straight man was furious to have been on TV with a gay man confessing his love for him - a few days later he murdered the gay men and the shows host Ricki Lake ( left ) and her program were taken off air immediately and cancelled.

Love Island has had more than its fare share of people committing suicide after the show airs as the public can be an unforgiving judge and jury and through social media can destroy someone they do not know and have only seen a limited and edited for mass affect version of reality that the producers of the show choose to show the world and always use the bits that

will outrage the public and make for good viewing figures - while peoples lives are ruined. All three of the people pictured here from Love Island committed suicide after the show aired - all young and beautiful and with their lives ahead of them and now dead because of a reality TV show. ( Google it )

But who is responsible ? The Producers.

Those taking part.

Or us. We watch this crap.

We watch it in the millions.

It makes for headline news.

We all buy into it.

Well some people do.

And it is the public who are craving for people to make a mistake and then they are all over them like flies on shit, and it is a downward spiral after that. The fucked up public like to take their own petty jealousies, envies, resentment and bigotry out on others through social media and like Trump, millions should be censored as the damage they cause others they do not know, it appalling.

So Jeremy Kyle is off air and GOOD GOOD GOOD as it really does not help a nation improve when you show it such garbage and when you give garbage people an opportunity to shine on telly, CRINGE CRINGE TIME as why would anyone want to wash their fucked up emotional laundry in public and more to the point, what kind of sadistic vouyeur are we to actually watch and cheer and egg on and bay for blood from the baddy - and this mentality is just mob rule from the comfort of your couch. It's no different to a public hanging and we , the pUblic, put our thumbs down when given the LIVE OR DIE choice.

It is not educational TV at all but basic human interaction manipulated for maximum affect by stirring things up and putting the cat amongst the pigeons and then the producers sit back and count the ratings as peoples lives are ruined.

If anyone's career needs to be destroyed, it is the likes of Jeremy Kyle and his producers and if he ends up sweeping streets, emptying garbage cans or living on unemployment in absolute obscurity, then that would be a good result and a job well done.




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