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Keeping us in fear keeps us controllable

I am living the dream. You could to. Read down to find out how.

When in a place of fear and / or panic, your cognitive thought process is usually out of sync with your normal brain functions and you will make mistakes and small errors that can cause and create major problems if not caught early.

Contrary to popular belief - most people do not go into panic mode when faced with an emergency and most do not run around with their arms in the air not having a clue what way to turn. The brain acts differently during times like this and one lady friend who was involved in a major train crash decades ago stated that her vision went into black and white and tunnel vision only. Apparently the brain filters down what is important in times of emergency and does not need to use colour as it needs more memory / brain / hard drive to work and black and white uses less mental head space and if a bloody scene, the brain sees it - often - in black and white and so not so alarming. The brain does this in order to keep conscious and to be able to bet out of harms way.

Covid fear.

Gas shortages

Utilities going up hugely in price.

Winter weather said to be coldest on record

Food shortages and empty shelves in shops.

Job insecurities as business close for good.

No face to face doctors appointments

Massive delays in anything with the NHS

Cancer treatments massively on hold

Air Rage - it seems - putting flights in danger

As long as people are afraid, they are controllable.

Every winter the forecast for the weather ahead is always dire - every summer - the forecast - dire - The financial future - dire - Brexit - dire - Everything in the news - Dire - and this is populated on purpose to keep us in fear as the weather is never correct, most of the doom and gloom we survive and is only used to keep the public in fear as that way, we are controllable by the forces that wish to keep in under their thumb.

This has been the case with the church for two thousand years, keep the people in fear and they are controllable. Threaten with burning at the stake - fear of excommunication - even down to being a ' God Fearing Person' - speaks volumes about control of the masses as why should we fear God - if as we are told God is an all loving God, why is the bible so full of hatred and bile, so full of smiting those who oppose and damning to the hell fires those who differ and that is not God, that is the hand of man living in fear and offering through their fear - the act of being the bully to gain control and damn those who oppose. It's all about power and control and NOT about the love of God at all. The church uses that as a weapon to gain control of us through our emotions, our belief pattern and our soul journey.

Are you living in fear ?

Has this whole pandemic period put you in a state of unease all the time.

Personally, I hardly ever watch the TV news these days and haven't a clue what fuck up is taking place now as I really don't pay attention to much of it these days and I just notice when certain things are mentioned like fuel shortages which was hard to miss and empty shelves in the stores but then., I am well stocked up and do not need to worry and - life is much calmer when you step out and away from taking on board all the negative input, the bad news, the doom and gloom, the negative reporting all the time and life is so much rosier when you - 'live in ignorance' - and so much easier on my abilities to laugh and have fun without all the doom and glom weighing heavily on my subconscious all the time creating negative thoughts.

I am living the dream.

You could as well.

Move into Hamilton Hall as one of our residential 'live-in guests' and enjoy the benefits of having the life you fantasised abut.



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