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LGBT in Afghanistan fear for their lives just for being gay

John Bellamy

Look at the faces in the picture above.

Look at how they are all looking one way.

They look pensive and afraid as if looking / checking for something that might mean they have to run - and run fast. Run for their lives. When here we are in the UK all safe and secure living an out gay lifestyle and all these people would give - almost anything - to be here right now and not in Afghanistan where rape and murder await them if found to be LGBT. All those fucked up attitude queens on the scene - and then tell me how your life is shit and you have no money and no boyfriend and no shag for the evening and then see what sympathy and what concern you get from me.

I wrote a report on Afghanistan and then found this one LINKED HERE and deleted 2 hours work because this one was real, it is harrowing, it is a gay man reaching out from hiding at his parents in Kabul, Afghanistan and is fearful for his life.
This is frighteningly real.

This is not a movie, or a TV mini series or even someone living out a fake drama, THIS IS REAL. This man could easily be dead by the time you read this, butchered to death, shot or even thrown from a tall building and a heavy wall demolished onto him.

This is frighteningly real.
This is what is happening to gay men and women in Afghanistan.

There is little we can do but lobby your MP, write letters, join campaigns and in some way let your voice be heard but sadly, with first Russia and then the USA failing MISERABLY in Afghanistan - and I mean FAILING MISERABLY - what hope does this country have - what hope to LGBT have - what hope do women have - and what hope does a culture have when a radical version of a religion is taught that damns and destroys - murders and rapes openly and unabashedly and all - according to them, with the blessing of Alah - as what does that say about the teachings they claim to be following - or the author come to that.

Or maybe it has more to do with HOW they ead and HOW they interpret what has been read and what they then CHOOSE to do with that distorted and manipulated view of things that causes and creats mayhem.

John Bellamy Continues:-

Many years ago I received a series of e mails from a gay man in Iraq. He told he how his brother had already been murdered because he was gay. He himself was in hiding. He was not sure how things woud play out and was very fearful for his life.

After 3 months of corresponding, I never heard again.

I hope he managed to get out - to find sanctuary and safety somewhere and that he is still alive and happy, but there is that nagging doubt inside that he has indeed, been dead for years. Murdered like his brother. And for what ? For simply loving his fellow man ? Not a crime in the Bible and only in the Koran because it is misread and misused.

Murder is banned in all religions. However, the Assassins - a group of highly trained mercenaries - murderers - dope smokers - womanisers, drinkers, WERE allowed to do drugs drink fornicate and murder the opponants to the church with immunity given by Allah as long as they murdered the opposition.

So murder is okay then if it takes out the bad guy - as you see it.

I thought murder was murder who and what ever you believed.

If Alah says it is okay - then so must God - being as God and Alah are the same thing, so whose writings are misleading, the Koran or Bible.

Well the Bible is certainly A LOT LESS ACCURATE as it has been MASSIVELY mistranslated and edited over the centuries so is GROSSLY innacurate - GROSSLY - and is asolutely NOT WORTH SERIOUS RELIGIOUS STUDY unless you take into consideration that sexually frustrated and fucked up monks throughout the last 1,500 years have re written, edited, mistranslated and blatantly taken whole sections out as it did not say what the church wanted it to say, - so the word of God was not good enough for the church who massively changed the word of God to suit themselves.

And then damned and destroyed tens of thousands - possibly millions - and all in the name of a book that is NOT the word of God at all.

Maybe we should just ban all religons at all, completely, gone forever - no Bible, No Koran, demolish all the churches and icons - remove all symbols of anything to do with God Alah Jahova. Isreal to become neutral ground and any form of religion banned as what the fuck has it done to humanity where a peaceful loving God can be turned into this murdering vengeful and hate filled entity destined to damn and destroy His / Her own creation because it does not worship correctly - does not believe - loves the wrong sex - even though there are no rules, no guidebook except one laid down thousads of years ago and so out of date it beggars belief ( the Old Testernament ) and does not apply to modern man at all.

It is tragic what LGBT go through and have always gone through.

Scared and ignorant and frightened straight men persecute that which scares them... women and gays.

Bless, so much for the macho man then. Scared of women and gays.

Pathetc really. Absolutely pathetic, these little boys playing with their big toys when really, they are still just little boys. Bullies. Rounding up those they are afraid of and through mass murder - try and create a vision of something that does not exist. For every gay they murder, 5 more will be born. For every women they hunt down, 5 more will come forward, for every evil act they perform, in equal balance as it always is, something will always counter balance the negative and a positive aspect will be

forwarded. They will not win. Bullies never win. Not in the end they just get deposed, or die, or the Americans get lucky and drone bomb them ( and get half a dozen innocent children and an ambulance driver in the bomb blast as well, you know the Americans and their shoot first ask questions later ...)

Don't be a typical dreadful faggot and ignore this. Our brothers and sisters need our help. Sign petitions, Donate money and clothes. Write to your MP. Offer help and assistance and do what you can do but above all, DO SOMETHING - Our global LGBT commuity is under threat and young men and women - butcherd.



ISIS Hurls Gay Men Off Buildings, Stones Them The horrific execution tactic is the latest in a string of brutal punishment methods applied by ISIS under its strict interpretation of Islamic — or shariah — law.

The amount of Muslims I had as clients when I was a sex worker was astounding. Hundreds from the middle east would see me and use my gay mens escort agency and I always teased and reminded them that Alah could see them in the UK just as S/He can in Saudi and they would just laugh. It seems they were more afraid what other people bak home would thing, the relisgios police etc. that what Alah hHimself thought - and it was people they were more afraid of and not Alah and would drink and fuck their brains out and take drugs and act like anyone else and you would never know all these things were not allowed to them.
Seems Alah is all forgiving after all, it is his followers who are the fucked up ones.



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