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Marianne Williamson - A UK seminar on 'A Course In Miracles.'

Anyone on a serious spiritual journey of inner exploration will have heard of 'A Course In Miracles' and Marianne Williamson's wonderful book ' A Return to Love.'

I have personally attended one of her day long seminars some years ago and the truths shares, the energies and the love was amazing and - actually - life changing.

Here is your opportunity to attend in person by reading below as she is coming to the UK soon and you will need to book your place as it will fill, and fast.


Dear John: Throughout my career, Great Britain has held a special place in my heart. My visits there have always been deep and meaningful, and I’m delighted that with the worst parts of the pandemic behind us we can get back to live events.

I’ll be giving an evening talk in London on July 13 as well as a daylong seminar on July 16 (details below). To say we have so much to discuss is an understatement, is it not? Another kind of world now beckons us. Nothing could be more important than that we dig deep within ourselves to hear its call, and respond as best we can. I hope to see you there!

An Evening With Marianne Williamson Evening Talk, Wednesday, July 13 at 7pm

During my first daylong event in the UK since 2016, we’ll unpack essential questions, including: How can each of us more powerfully participate in the internal and external changes that will foster a season of global repair? How do we cultivate an integrative, holistic approach to regeneration, employing tools as disparate as meditation and social activism? Saturday, July 16 from 10am-4pm

Together, we can harness the power of love into a collective force for good. We can transform ourselves and all the world. All my best, Marianne

P.S. Register to join me for TWO special events in London… An Evening With Marianne Williamson, Wednesday, July 13 at 7pm

A Return to Love... in a Time of Transformation, Saturday, July 16 from 10am-4pm


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