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Mother in Law from Hell gets what she deserved.

John:- I thought I would share this little story with you of something that happened to me a number of years ago.
I had been married to my husband for around five years at the time. His mother knew of our relationship and she was a part of our lives, just as my parents and siblings are, but not excessively. In 2012 my husband and I were planning on taking our caravan to Spain for the winter months and we were all set and packed and ready when his Mother announced - she didn't ask she announced - that she wanted to come with us and spend the winter in Spain instead of rainy England, and I was astounded my husband didn't say NO NO NO straight away and left it as an open conversation that had no ending - and she took that as permission to join us.
Now we only have a small caravan and while it has a double bed and 2 singles, it is a caravan and not really big enough for 3 people to reside for a whole winter - 15 weeks we had planned and I was astounded when the next day of departure she showed up with her bags packed and everything.

Not a word to me asking ' was it okay' and I hit the fucking roof. Husband and I had a row and while his Mother heard, she did absolutely nothing about changing her mind or anything, and with storm clouds brewing, and with a fowl atmosphere in the car, we , the three of us, set off for Portsmouth.

I was fuming but silent... giving the silent treatment rather than a major row.

On arrival we queued with car and caravan and - you may have guessed what was to come next - Mother-in-Law didn't have her passport.

I walked away from Husband and Mother and told them to sort it out but one way or another, I was driving onto the ferry when the time was right as I WAS NOT about to tolerate loosing my winters holiday because of this.

Her face. OMG ! You'd have thought it was all my doing - all my fault - and the looks I got.

I went for a walk alone for an hour or more to calm down and only returned shortly before we were to board, and his Mother was nowhere to be seen.

I didn't ask.

I didn't care.

I also didn't want to know in case it caused problems with hubby and myself at the beginning of what should have been a joyous trip to the sunshine.

We boarded.

He sorted the caravan out and then the two of us went upstairs for some lunch and before we knew it, we were in France preparing to disembark and start our 18 hour drive to Spain.

Now that we were clear of the port and driving through the beautiful French countryside, I dared to ask how his Mother got home on her own - assuming that's what happened.

How wrong could I have been.

She was in the caravan hiding the whole time - with no passport, at husbands suggestion, and again I hit the roof.


We stopped as soon as was safe and went to see how she was, and she was laying on the bed - dead.

Yup, she was a stiff as a board and had clearly been dead for quite some time.

So here we were, with a dead body of his secretly smuggled into the country Mother and - probably as we sailed - she had died and it was now WTF do we do ?

So we parked up the caravan and drove into the local town and visited a police station to admit what had happened and the police took us back to the caravan to sort the mess out, and - the caravan was gone.


Mother and all.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it had.

That was the end of our holiday and after 5 days in this town staying in a local B&B sorting stuff out with the local police at a snails pace, we were allowed to return home to the UK - under caution that we may be called to return to France to face charges of smuggling someone into the country - and I have to say, it was the beginning of a long and hard winter.

The caravan was found 6 weeks later at the side of a country road in an area of France 600 miles from where we had parked it - and - well you guessed it - NO SIGN OF MOTHERS BODY.

And all these years later, they never found her body, which meant we were not prosecuted and we heard nothing from the police after the caravan was found and hubby went - alone this time - to sort it out.

He sold the caravan in France and as all of our possessions inside the caravan were gone, selling it was the best thing and that was that.

Naturally it was all my fault.

Hubby tried blaming me the whole time while it actually had nothing to do with me, as Hubby could well have said no at the beginning and - despite a sulking Mother, she would probably still be alive today if she had not slept in a caravan below decks with all the fumes etc. and - that's how we THINK she died, but no one will ever know as no body was ever located.

Our relationship ended a couple of years after that as he just could not accept his responsibility in hiding from me that she was in the caravan all along, or that it was his decision to put her there, his decision to allow her to come along and his decision to keep it from me until in France. Not my responsibility but when the chips are down, sometimes you find out what someone is truly all about and he just could not accept what had happened was his doing and completely denied any responsibility at all. We divorced - and all of this was because of a Mother In Law not knowing where she is not wanted - a son who is afraid to speak up to his Mother and say NO, and all because we wanted a pleasant winters break together and where he wouldn't stand up to his own Mother.

The more I think back, the cheek of the damned women, the absolute cheek assuming she could invite herself to stay with us in a small caravan where she CLEARLY was not wanted.

I have never been camping since and while I have new partner, I had to share this with you as I now find it as funny as shit and thought you might agree. David ( Chelsea West London )




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