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Naked or not to be naked as older man



Below are some e mails I received this week and it did make me laugh as a couple arrived on the same day and both completely contradicted each other, and it just goes to show how we are all different. It seems many older man have issues about the bodies - so I have added some pictures of older men for you to see, because even as old men, we can still be sexy.


Dear Hamilton Hall. I found your web site while surfing and was enthralled - at first.

Everything I read - I liked - absolutely liked - until I got to how you are a clothing optional venue and this utterly disgusted me.

I see no pleasure being naked or seeing other peoples 'bits' on display while I am trying to eat my dinner, or sit in the garden or even while in the lounge. This perverted behaviour is disgraceful and disgusting and you should be closed down by the local council for promoting pornography and filth.

The good book tells us we must cover our bodies and be modest and here you are promoting full nakedness and the attitude of enjoying your body and enjoying it while naked, just disgusts me. I have been happily married for 42 years and have never seen my wife naked and neither has

she seen me naked. While I recognise as straight and married, I also recognise as homosexual although have never indulged in the disgusting carnal side of man sex between men as I also find that quite distasteful. I am homosexual in that I like mens company and have always been much the same. I have only ever made love to my wife a few times, in order to have children, and other than that, we abstained and lived a fairly celibate life between us.

I shall not be staying with you as I do not approve of all the nakedness. I think it is all quite disgusting.

Name withheld although - the fool - has his name on his e mail address.... DOW !


I found your web site intriguing. Read it for hours. I was a champion body builder back in the 70's and 80's and now I am in my late 60's I am shy at showing my once great body off as it is not so great any more. All the pictures you see of naked men in the magazines are all young and stunning and nothing of older men and that's a shame.

I tend not to go naked as much as I did years ago, maybe your venue can heal me of my insecurities acquired as I got older.



Dear Hamilton Hall.

I am from South Africa. Have been in the UK for 5 years and looking all that time for venue like yours and considering I see you have been there almost 25 years, how come I missed you all this time. At home in Durban we have large grounds at my family home and as kids we were always running around naked - and no one even turned a head. My parents thought it healthy to let us kids see what the opposite sex had without it being 'dirty' or 'forbidden' and I have been a member of various naturist groups, both gay and straight, in various countries I have lived in.

To those who say we are perverts, they are the pervert. I was once shouted at and accused of being a paedophile and all because I was naked on a naturist beach, and as I argued back at the guy that he was the pervert - as here he was on a fully naturist beach, fully clothed, camera in hand - acting more like the pervert voyeur and screaming abuse at those who are just laying getting sun, and not fooling around or even doing anything sexual at all, and this pervert assumes, accuses, sees what is not going on - which tells me it is all inside his head so - now who is the pervert with a dirty mind ?

I am SO GLAD to have found you and your wonderful venue and shall be booking very soon. I absolutely cannot wait and just hope this hot weather continues, although, being naturist indoors is still fun. Well done Mr. Bellamy. Absolutely well done.

Lethabo - Yes, that's my name...


Dear John: I discovered naturism when I was just a kid and we would go over to Studland on our bikes, me mates from school and me, and we noticed naked people first when we was around 12 or 13 and it was the most sexy but also the most normal thing . It did not screw us up as kinds, it opened our minds to be more open about the opposite sex and not so - up tight, as so many are.. Russell.



I am an older man, 66 in August. May I feel okay at your naturist venue? Will I be seen as being too old. I have attended some straight naturist venues and I am stared at as if I am some piece of shit by some and I find that offensive - just because I am not young, fit and hung. I told one group off and in no uncertain terms told them they may be cute on the outside but they were a group of opionated scum on the inside and I pointed out that one day they will be old and gray and they will realize what absolute arseholes they had been. I do not stand fort that kind of behaviour so thought I would check with you first.



I was so insecure when I was young and beautiful and now I am old and bald, I have the confidence I lacked back then. Strange but true. I now visit saunas and naked beaches and hotels with no problem and if someone gives me attitude I tell them exactly where they can shove their attitude.... I care not. Age gave me the confidence i lacked and while the body aint what it was, my mind is on point and I simply do not give a shit was others think any more. Douglas.


I would love to have the courage to come to your delightful clothing optional venue but I know my partner would not even think of such a thing and would be horrified if I mentioned it, so shall keep your venue a secret all to myself. Sorry i am not supporting with a booking, but believe me, I shall have many wanks thinking about your venue and spending hot sunny days naked in your garden - and the fantasy is wonderful. maybe one day.... maybe. But well done to you for Hamilton Hall it really does sound an amazing place.



Mr. Bellamy / Hamilton Hall (Edited from a much longer e mail ) I am 84. I came out as gay after my wife dies 20 odd years ago. My wife and I were both naturists at a time when it was difficult so we kept it secret and just in our own house and 2 acres of garden. We had a few naturist friends and it was not until after my wife died that I discovered gay sexuality and delved into it and being naked was always so natural to me. When I discovered naked ' fuck bars' in London for gay men oh Dear God, I became an addict. 3 or 4 nights a week. Dancing naked. Buying a drink at the bar naked and having a complete stranger suck on my penis while doing so and having a mass of men watching. Sitting on the edge of the bar with guys queuing up to suck on my penis ( it is very big and uncut and was a problem for my wife because of its size and it always was a problem for me - until I discovered sex with men and it was my very big problematic penis that suddenly became the biggest draw for people and I loved it ) and the whole concept of being naked in a bar full of other men just there for sex has been a life changer for me and although now almost ' past it' in some people eyes, I have a whole gaggle of young guys interested and my age seems not to be a concern for them. Sure I am a Grandfather fantasy and I do call some of them ' My boys ' - and even ' My sons' - and they love it. So being an old man and a naked old man - is not as bad as some think. I am having such fun into my old age. Russell


I am 76. I have been an out gay man all my life. I have enjoyed a fabulous sex life until I got older. It declined. Now in a bar I am ignored. Now though, in a sex club where I get my dick out, I have no problem at all and while I know it is all because I have 8 inches of dick, and it is not me but my dick they are interested in, but I am the owner of said dick and I am having fun even if they do not fancy me but for my dick. I can live with that.



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