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Saudis seize children's rainbow-patterned toys 'for promoting homosexuality'

Saudi authorities have been seizing children's rainbow-patterned toys and clothes because they supposedly promote homosexuality.

A report on state TV station Al Ekhbariya shows officials in a shop - with some of the products bearing the logo Claire's Accessories - telling a reporter the products posed a risk to young people.

The reporter tells viewers that the items, such as hairpins, poppets, stylised animal face design bags, unicorn headbands, multi-coloured nail polish sets and other rainbow-hued gifts, have been "confiscated".

On the floor below the reporter and the officials in the shop - which he says is in one of Riyadh's markets - is a growing pile of rainbow-coloured items apparently pulled from the shelves.

© Other Saudi authorities have been seizing rainbow toys in a crackdown on homosexuality. Pic: Al Ekhbariya

The journalist explains that the items have been seized by the Ministry of Commerce because they relate to homosexuality and, what is "amazing", is that they are for children.

An official in a green uniform then tells him the colours promote homosexuality and the items "target" the younger generation.

A tweet by the Ministry of Commerce featuring similar pictures has an official telling people that while on a tour of the shopping centre, his team had spotted "a number of violations of public morals," while showing the camera a pack labelled Crayola.

The translated tweet says:

"Our supervisory teams carry out rounds of sales outlets, seize and confiscate products that contain symbols and indications that call for anomalies and contradict normal common sense..."

It adds that "legal penalties" have been imposed on those violating the rules.

The rainbow flag has become increasingly adopted as a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and queer pride and LGBT social movements.

It is thought, however, that the majority of toys seized used the colours for decoration, to appeal to young children.

According to Human Rights Watch, Saudi Arabia outlaws same-sex relations and criminalises forms of gender expression.


Oh dear God. Beam me up Scotty - as I am DEFINATELY not from this planet if this is the kind of thing going on. Oh Dear God - Dumber than a bucket of rocks and all done in the name of religion.

But taking that one step further, and I appreciate it probably doesn't rain as much in Saudi, but God / Allah puts rainbows in the sky and - er - is that a promotion of homosexuality ? Is Allah actually saying it's okay to be gay as look at all the pretty colours in the sky and how beautiful they are ?

Is there really a Gay Heaven at the end of the rainbow ? Maybe a really good fuck club ? Is that going to make all straight men rush to the nearest man and suck his cock ? If that is religion then that really is pathetic - absolutely pathetic and is one of control and NOT religion at all. Absolute small minded petty behaviour. It is laughable if it wasn't so serious.




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