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Take action against Hungary's anti LGBT+ laws

Hungary has adopted anti-LGBT+ legislation similar to Russia's "gay propaganda" law. This is a shameful attack on the rights of LGBT+ Hungarians. The European Union must respond swiftly and with decisive action.
On June 15, Hungary's parliament passed legislation that bans any material that could be seen by minors and that features gay characters or any sort of support for the LGBT+ community. Any content that shows LGBT+ relationships, transitioning to another gender, or images of the rainbow flag will now be labeled as "not recommended for those under 18 years of age" and will be allowed to air on television only between 10 pm and 5 am. The law also extends to sex education, with only teachers and organizations who are approved by the government allowed to teach the subject.

The Hungarian government claims the legislation aims to "protect children," but the opposite is true. By fanning the flames of homophobia and transphobia, LGBT+ children and families are put at further risk of discrimination and violence.

This is not the first time rainbow families and their children have come under attack in Hungary: Last year, the Parliament enacted legislation that bars gay couples from adopting children by defining a family as having to include a man as the father and a woman as the mother. As a member of the European Union Hungary has committed itself to respect the human rights of its citizens.

In passing this legislation it has clearly violated this commitment and must face harsh consequences. Sign this petition and urge the European Union to step up immediately and use all tools available to force the Hungarian government to retract the law.


John Bellamy Comments: So much for the rules and guidelines for joining the European Union. Poland and now Hungary have enacted homophobic laws against the LGBTQ community and are busy making LGBTQ FREE ZONES - although how on Earth they can state for certain that everyone is straight is beyond me but clearly, the Poles and the Hungarians have a way of telling - or they think they do, and chances are a great many supporters of this are gay men themselves living in hiding with a wifery and kids and deny - deny- deny out of fear.

Few are brave enough to make a stand and be public like Peter Tatchell and look how the gay communmity villify and hate this man, this man who has done more for LGBTQ Rights in the UK and abroad than anyone else I know - and yet MANY within the gay world who appreciate and live a free life as an out gay man DO SO BECAUSE OF THE LIKES OF PETER TATCHELL and others whose names are lost in the anals of time, like Bryan Derbyshire...

Do not be complacent here in the UK as look what happened when laws were changed under Trump and the LGBTQ world was seen to be under attack from the government and the same could happen here unless we all make a stand, stand up for your rights and stop hiding in the closet and finding fault with those who do have a voice and do speak up and do make change and do you the favour and all many do in return is bitch and complain and carry on like spoiled school girl brats spitefully knocking those they resent - those they envy and those they are jealous of.

They hate the very person who is helping.

They resent anyone who shows them up for doing nothing, but they continue to do nothing and continue to bitch but continue sitting on their fat ass and complaining others are ' opionated' and ' too political' when it takes opinions and it takes politics and it takes someone with a voice and it talkes guts and those unwilling or afraid to take the stand, should not complain, but support those who ARE speaking up ON YOUR BEHALF - and not knock and destroy as that's lke cutting off your nose to spite your face.

But then, many throughout history have destroyed things of beauty out of fear.

So come on - SUPPORT YOUR FELLOW LGBTQ and sign this petition and stop being so complacent.

John Bellamy

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