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‘The price was a shock’: Britons on holidaying in UK this summer


John Bellamy Comments:

Many venues have increased their prices after being closed for a year AND PEOPLE QUESTION THIS ???

Let's use Hamilton Hall as an example, and remember, I own the venue with no mortgage and no rent to pay: The running costs of Hamilton Hall do not stop when no one is staying and for every week we are closed we loose HUGELY - whether just empty of guests or actually closed, which this last year saw us closed at 3 different periods and in all, a full year if you connect all the closed periods together - so we are 12 months down on income and yet still have the full costs of running and maintaining the venue - and all with no income.

We were helped by the government - but for venues with rent / mortgage / bank loans / overdrafts - staff to furloe and other expenses which we did not have - do you HONESTLY think they will open to a very busy season and just charge the same prices when they need - THEY MUST - make up some of the lost income or close down and then you'll bitch and moan there is nowhere to go.

Just to clarrify. Hamilton Hall has NOT put its charges up during Covid and has offered money off dinners, money off stays and all sorts of extras for your lolly, so no asking for extra discounts or you may be told where to shove it... and believe me, we have had people expecting 75% off the normal charge and then scream at me when I refuse. People demanding to stay and in one instance, asking why they should pay at all and why isn't it all free - and believe me, they are out there - they walk amongst us - those who seem to think we all owe them something when truth is - we don't - PERIOD.

In the article - click here - it talks about a family of 9 people for a week in a cottage and it was £3,000 for the week - and I have to ask, what the fuck does she expect to pay for 9 people ? Even if we charged the lowest cost at Hamilton Hall - it would cost a basic £2,700 just B&B and here they have the full run of a 5 bedroomed luxury house and they are moaning about the cost ?

Another comment in the article states :-

‘There is an acceptance that they are making hay while the sun shines at my expense’
AND THIS COMMENT IS CLEARLY DUMB DUMB DUMB because every venue, every business, makes hay while the sun shines and this really is a stupid thing to say.

Every holiday venue in the UK makes money when the sun shines - and you pay for that - and as the summer season is so unpredIctable weather wise, and as it is generally only from Easter - the end of September - this is the period when hoteliers like me work our asses off - 18 hour days - 7 days a week - cramming as many people into the venue as we can and making as much money as we can - and if you claim we are ' making hay while the sun shines' - I beg of you - 'DON'T BE SUCH A FUCKING MORON ' - as if you REALLY want venues to close down for good - and if you REALLY begrudge a venue trying to stay open for another year - and if you are so fucking stingy and reluctant to pay the price asked, then stay at home and do nothing but count your money and then you'll definately have a lovely holiday just you and your money - and see how happy that makes you when everyone else talks about their grand holiday while you - you miserable mean little prick - enjoys your dough.

Read the article and let me know what you think.


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