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There is something about youth....


There is something about a young person:- the skin, the shine, the eyes, the hair, something that gets lost with maturity as the skin blotches appear - liver spots - moles and do forth - and then there are the watery eyes with age, they loose their sharpness - and the hair turns white and thins - possibly going forever - teeth either go brown if you smoke or need replacing and unless rich, with dentures - and a general feeling of tiredness pervades while that youth, that energy, that passion for life and the ignorance of what shit is to hit the fan, and the not knowing yet how life will smack you any way it can, oozes life that pervades everything with excitement - while with age, it is less of an attraction and everything is a little slower and more sedate. Age means we tend to worry about the future whereas in your youth, who thinks about decades to come, we are still having too much fun being young... and we really only ever appreciate what it is to be young, when we are old. So whatever you do in life, make sure that when you get older, and when you look back on your life, you look back on something and say - ' Oh My God... I really did all that huh ???' and remember back with a smile - and please don't be one of those resentful bitter old men who feels life has passed them by while picking their nose and doing fuck all to help themselves actually DO something. I have met too many bitter old men resentful and full of the feeling that they missed out, when they l]=missed out because they did fuck all to help, assist, demand and move forward - too many are content to sit and do nothing and then complain there is nothing happening.

Don't be one of those.

My Great Niece and Nephew a couple of months ago when they were here for a family Pre Christmas event, asked how many years younger I was to their Grandad - my twin brother, and when I said I was 20 minutes older than he is, they laughed and said that I had to be years younger - and I just laughed... I knew what they mean as my brother is the quiet one and I am the loud and noisy one ( who me ??? ) and I do come over as much younger than my years... and I was so complimented.

Live your life for the HERE AND NOW and do the things you always wanted but were too scared, shy, intimidated and JUST FUCKING DO IT... and why the hell not and to hell with what others think ... Fuck 'em.

John Bellamy


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