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trans rights or wrongs

Chris F.

When I was growing up and when first on the gay scene in 1970, almost no one at all knew anything about cross dressing / transsexuals / transvestite and assumed they were all the same as drag queens.

Many assumed back then, that all gay men wanted to be women and if in a relationship, the first question was ALWAYS - 'Which one of you is the wife then ? ' - and that level of ignorance based on a lack of education, has changed dramatically, but there are still those who hold outdated ideas that hold us all back.

Mostly because of religion.

How wrong we all were but then, with no information or education teaching us the truth, gossip and idle chit chat was all we had to go on. Now it is very different with many politicians jumping on the trans band wagon - for or against - as it is current and in the news so much more and many trans have become much more militant and demanding which - is okay here in the UK but just imagine trying to demand the same in Iraq, Iran, Dubai or any one of dozens and dozens of countries still severely disabled with out of date laws and public education often based on biblical / Koranic laws put down long long ago and not current in present day at all, but these writings that are thousands of years old and should NOT hold any sway over modern man, still

ruins tens of millions of lives and all because of ignorance to the truth and ancient edited writings believed before what is right in front of them as true facts.

I am very happy to be a gay man. I do not wear ladies undies - I do not want to be a woman and as camp as I may be, I am a man... period.

If you feel you are a women trapped in a mans body then you are not a gay man - you are transsexual

The same for a man trapped in a woman's body - same thing.

If like tens of thousands of straight men - married with kids but who love putting on their wives bra and pants, stockings and so forth, then you are a typical ' straight man' who isn't so straight - isn't necessarily gay or even bisexual or trans - but maybe REALLY in touch with his feminine side to a degree that is questionable - and this is really more common than you can possible know. Sexuality is a very confusing thing and claiming there are only two sexes because we only have two physical sex types, those with a dick and those with a vagina, but in the 'headspace' - who the fuck knows ?

AS far as I am concerned, where someone wants to stick their dick - what someone wants inserted in whatever hole they like, and whatever colour is your skin, religion , education, or anything, is not my concern and none of my business unless murder , rape or serious child abuse is taking place and let's face it - more physical abuse comes from family members - PARENTS - AUNTS - UNCLES, SISTERS AND BROTHERS - and while the mass hysteria surrounding these subjects concentrates on conspiracy theories and famous people like Jimmy Saville, and un education ruins everything.

I support equality - but we MUST be aware that that means equality for those who do things we might not like but then, we may be doing things they do not like., It is called acceptance.




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