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Trump supporter who vandalized LGBT memorial cries in court as his father expresses disappointment

Sky Palma

A Trump supporter who intentionally defaced a Pride mural that was painted on a crosswalk in Delray Beach, Florida, was ordered this Thursday to return to court on June 8 to learn his fate, but in the meantime, he was given a homework assignment, The Palm Beach Post reports.

Alexander Jerich, 20, can be seen in a video using his truck to create skid marks on the mural while he was participating in a vehicle caravan that was celebrating the birthday of former President Donald Trump on June 14, 2021.

He surrendered to police last year after the video of the incident went viral. In March, he pleaded guilty to criminal mischief over $1,000 and to reckless driving..

This week, Jerich hung his head and cried in court after hearing his father talk about his son’s struggles in school and his inability to make friends. Jerrich then apologized for his actions.

“I’ve had problems in the past with fitting in,” Jerich said. “I was just trying to fit in and be accepted.”

On Thursday, Circuit Judge Scott Suskauer told Jerich to write a 25-page essay on the 2016 massacre at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando while he awaits his sentence.

“I want your own brief summary of why people are so hateful and why people lash out against the gay community,” he told Jerrich.

Suskauer also said he had little desire to turn Jerich into a convicted felon for making a dumb decision and he plans to withhold adjudication on the charge of criminal mischief. He also wants Jerich to perform community service for an organization that serves the LGBTQ community.

But Rand Hoch, president of the Human Rights Council, told Suskauer that none of the groups he deals with want Jerich around.

“They don’t want the defendant anywhere near our organization or our missions,” Hoch said.



John Bellamy Responds:

I saw this and actually felt sorry for the man involved as if I looked like him at just 20 years of age, I would probably be a delinquent as well. Some people have a bad start in life and others have a bad start plus look like this guy and the deck is stacked against him somewhat. Sorry to be judgemental, but some people have it hard from the very start and one does understand why they end up the way they do. They have no role models, They have no one guiding them on a better path. They feel isolated and with no friends, will do whatever it takes to be accepted by society and when this does not work, WATCH OUT...

I can guarantee this man is a virgin.

Never having had sex with anyone at all.

In Court, the 20-year-old Jerich hung his head and cried after hearing his father recount his son’s struggles in school, his inability to make friends and his disappointment in his son’s behavior. ( I am sure his Father keeps telling his son this which absolutely will downgrade any self worth the lad has for himself hearing from his own Father how disappointing he is to him.... ) When the tall, husky young man finally composed himself, he apologized for his actions but offered no real explanation for them.

“I’ve had problems in the past with fitting in,” Jerich said haltingly. “I was just trying to fit in and be accepted.”

This man has probably never had sex and just wanted to fit in and be one of the gang - but chose the wrong gang - which was sad for him. Sad, because he chose a group who supported and believed the lies of a twice impeached X president of the USA - Donald Trump.

Judge Suskauer said he had little desire to turn Jerich into a convicted felon for making an impetuous decision when he joined 30 cars that paraded through Delray Beach as part of a “President Trump Birthday Rally” that was organized by the county Republican Party.

To keep Jerich from living with the stigma of being a convicted felon, Suskauer said he planned to withhold adjudication on the charge of criminal mischief. Convicted felons' job prospects are grim, he said.

“I don’t want to do that to a young man who has his whole life ahead of him,” Suskauer said.

Further, he said, he wants Jerich to perform community service for an organization that serves the LGBTQ community.

There are many people out there who do not fit in, who have no friends, who are teased and picked on by others and are lonely. Many bravely put on a front and pretend to 'have it all together' while suffering desperate loneliness and isolation and no romance or 'closeness' with anyone at all, and for many this does cause mental health problems.

Then you meet someone who takes an interest but is a dissident and a trouble maker, but you get on and soon you are ' under his wing ' and he gives you little things to do and with great praise after, and you feel wonderful. Later he asks you to do something bad ..... and that's how it works.....

There are also many lonely and damaged people within the gay community as well - and the community as a whole does precious little to help. There are organisations in main cities but not all over the country and many suffer. When you work within the gay community you realise what a dreadful place it truly is and how while there are many wonderful and caring LGBT out there helping and guiding, these are outnumbered by those who fight against and cause trouble and is why so many gay venues close eventually.

Like any community, it will only survive if everyone pulls together but we all know there will always be those who will fight against and cause trouble an destroy just because they can and maybe just because they are the one who everyone ignores and now is their time in the limelight. There will always be those who would rather push that big red button to blow up the world saying... ' It's my button and my finger and I'll press it if I like and no one can stop me...'

The fact that the big red button will destroy everyone and everything is not matter to them, as it is their finger and their button.....

Madness, but sadly, there are MANY on the LGBT scene who are just like this and will destroy so fast - and all because of their own lacking and the need to be heard and seen.


But the consequences of ignoring these people can be seen by their actions later down the line - like Thomas Hamilton, a loner and odd ball who was responsible for murdering 15 children and a teacher outright, and another child died in the hospital. A further 15 people, the vast majority of them children, were wounded and their teacher before turning a gun on himself in the town of Dunblane on March 13, 1996.

The arguments surrounded why he had a gun license and how badly he had been treated by the small local community to 'one of their own they saw as a bit odd' and reported him for pedophilia while he had never been accused of anything - but the gossip spread and his life was destroyed by those who simply thought he was odd. That alone, led to the murders.

We are all responsible. Every one who has ever ignored someone in need - ignored someone asking for help - ignored the plight of someone with learning difficulties and bad communication skills and teased someone who was unable to understand. It only takes a simple thing to set someone off and we all need to take responsibility for that.





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