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Welcome to our Winter Wonderland

Why not spend the whole of the Festive Season with us here for an almost 5 week period - FULLY INCLUSIVE - at just £1,200 December 1st 2021 - January 2nd 2022
Or even longer...

Scared of being alone this winter ? Long dark days followed by long bleak nights.

Worried this winter will be as fearful and as full of monsters as last winter ? Worried about the costs of putting the gas heating on because of ever increasing prices and the fear of shortages ?

Electric charges going up out of the ceiling.

Shortages of food in the shops because of the supply chain is screwed up.

Ships stuck in the Suez Canal holding everything up for many months being one of the causes. Covid blamed for so many companies offering a second rate shoddy service as a means to save money and just use Covid as an excuse.

Many government and council offices that seem to be working on a 'GO SLOW' and again,

using Covid as an excuse to offer an appallingly slow and unprofessional service to the public who have been left - just left - by many government departments.

Councils lying about why they have cut services and again, blaming Covid when mostly it is a cost cutting effort to save money while we still pay the bills in full and get a second rate service. They lie to us.

Brexit - now used to blame the shortage of truck drivers when the haulage companies had YEARS AND YEARS knowing this was going to happen and companies have simply missed the boat and picked their noses when they should have been planning ahead, taking on and training new British drivers - increased the wage making the job attractive to the lazy Brits who would rather claim the dole.

Bus drivers now becoming truck drivers paying double and even treble the wages, so creating a bus driver shortage making it hard for some people to get out and about.

Last Christmas caused a huge surge in Covid cases and the country would have been better to go into Lock Down over the whole Festive Season but Boris didn't dare ruin everyone's Festive Season and the result - a massive new wave of Covid cases and where more lockdowns were ordered and where millions more were infected and where hospitals were inundated and many lives lost.

Who knows what this Christmas will bring but know we are here, we are open, we have all sorts of special offers and deals available and we are here for you as we know you are here for us.

For just £1,200 a month - move into Hamilton Hall with all food and heating paid for - company, laughter, solitude if you wish or company if you prefer. Stop worrying about the bills or if you'll find enough Christmas Fayre in the shops. Stop worrying about being alone as even if only a few people here - we share a movie, a game of Scrabble, a dinner and even a dog walk - so no need to be alone.

And if you wish you can be naked around the hotel at any time. Now, what could be more tempting than that ?

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