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cancellation of b&b

We do not accept cash / cheques for reservations.

Credit / Debit cards only

All cancellations must be in writing through e mail and

NOT by leaving a message on Voice Mail, 

 If you do not receive an e mail in response from us concerning your cancellation, please verify we have received it, as some e mails do get lost - misdirected - and clarification of a cancellation is important.



More than 7 days notice - BY E MAIL - FULL REFUND 
and we retain  between £25 - £50 Admin. Charge.
or 10% of the total



Between 3 - 7 days notice

No refund but date change for a future date

Less than 7
 days cancellation, no refund.

Date change - £25 charge.

Extra Charges - CLICK HERE -  and scroll down.



We offer one FREE DATE CHANGE  to re arrange your dates. 

Cancellation - More than 7 days notice - 50% refund.
Less than 7 days - NO REFUND.

Christmas & New Year

Cancellation allowing a minimum of 14 days notice
50% is returned
Less than 14 days notice of cancellation
No refund is offered and the full price retained by Hamilton Hall.

( Sorry but its a huge amount of work preparing for the Festive Season and if people cancel at the last minute this makes it a disappointing festive season for everyone else attending.  )



Some events are X Rated weekend - Adults Only.

Please be responsible and mature in all dealings with Hamilton Hall.

No childish adolescent behaviour please

If Hamilton Hall cancels your booking then a
100% refund will be offered 

and/or the choice to hold the booking for
a future date of your choice.

If you have a genuine emergency, we will offer a partial refund ( allowing for banking charges etc. ) and ask for verification / proof of your emergency. 

One guy claimed his secretary was suppose to cancel for him and as she had not, he was charged and he shouted and screamed at me down the phone and as I said,  shout and scream at your secretary, she didn't cancel. 


When attending a workshop - special event weekend, please be aware that it is a great deal of work and cancelling at short notice comes with penalties.  It is not like booking a B&B;-  this is a well organised and thought out training - special event weekend and we expect you to commit to what has been booked.  It is not a game. It is a serious business and whether a spiritual weekend, a chill out weekend or an X Rated weekend,  we ask your appreciation of our Terms and Conditions and treat the weekend with the level of respect one would expect. 


Multiple e mails and/or phone calls and abusive behaviour  and/or using different names repeatedly - confuses  - and where we feel we are being messed around  or in a few cases, abused, will be withdraw  any offer made or requested  and if we  still allow you to make a reservation,  the full price  will be  charged.  We may also add an *Abuse Charge  as we are not here to be abused .  It is astounding how some people SCREAM at us - absolutely ranting and raving at us, and then think we want them here or at least, they think they are still going to get a special offer - and I have to say - IT IS ASTOUNDING how they think I am here to tolerate such anti social and abusive behaviour - WE ARE NOT - and anything considered abusive will - where we can - be charged to help us feel better - maybe using that charge for a nice dinner out to cheer us up... 


Workshop weekends - Tantra & Massage -  where we work in pairs -if we cannot replace you and keep the numbers even, we will charge an extra £50 FACILITATORS FEE as your facilitator then has to take part in the workshop as well as teaching, and this is a great deal of extra work.



If you make a mess of the bedding, towels or anything within Hamilton Hall, we charge a full new price plus 20% on top of that, as we are busy people and if we have to go shopping and buy a replacement, this takes our time and you pay for this.  This applies to thoughtless acts of damage - and you would be gob-smacked at how utterly thoughtless some are of our property ( a glass of red wine put ON THE COUCH and then the customer got up and the wine went everywhere - red wine on a beige couch - and you would never - ever - do this at home and would put your wine on the table and NOT on the couch - it absolutely beggars belief, and the customer was charged £35 dry cleaning bill for the couch cover and £15 staff time, and he moaned - and I was astounded he didn't see fit even to apologise. )
Accidental damage, as we all have accidents and these are not thoughtless acts of stupidity ( like the wine glass )  then we do not charge you.
If you wet the bed,  and you know there is the possibility of this happening and you say nothing, then you may be charged for a new mattress and bedding.
Harsh - maybe - but we keep Hamilton Hall in very good nick and spend a fortune keeping it so nice and if you damage or stain or break something, then you pay.

If for whatever reason you set the fire alarms off at any time, and there is NOT  a fire and it is found you have been the cause, we will charge between £50 - £150 for the time, stress and inconvenience to all if this is the case.  In some instances you may even be reported to the police.

We take this VERY SERIOUSLY and do NOT appreciate you playing games with our fire detectors.  





LATE ARRIVALS - If we have not been informed of an arrival after 8pm,  there may be a surcharge for staff waiting up.  If after 10pm before you arrive and still we have not been kept 'in the loop' there will be a £50 charge for every hour - or part of - where you are late.  Please - just be thoughtful of our time and work schedule and phone and let us know what is going on.   Late is no problem as long as we know and there may be a charge. We do not have 24 hour reception or all night staff.
WE should not have to have all these penalties  in place and I have had to ' toughen up in business' as so many mess us around, think it funny - or something - to mess about and be grossly unprofessional while they would NEVER  be so badly behaved to British Airways or any other business yet expect us to be all forgiving - all available - and if you offer us an unprofessional approach to business and this costs us money and time, this will be charged for. PERIOD. 
So please get your act together,  figure out IN ADVANCE Awhat you want - have pen and paper, your reading glasses AND YOUR DEBIT / CREDIT CARD TO HAND - BEFORE YOU PHONE - to save time and stress on both sides.

We mean no offense in protecting ourselves in business from this kind of thing and your acceptance of our reasons is appreciated.





Still have questions or doubts ?
Phone & chat on 

but please, not before 10am or after 9pm


If a reservation is cancelled by the customer within a few moments of the reservation being made, for whatever reason, we may charge 50% and refund 50% as we are not here to be messed around and expect a professional approach to business. No one likes having their time wasted. Some like to mess us about - others to waste our time - some change their minds and others bottle out - and as a business our time is precious and unpaid and unappreciated when it is wasted - hence we charge. Please be professional and as a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE we cannot have our times messed with. No one hates this more than us .
KEY CHARGE:  If you take your Room Key with you, please just pop it in an envelope and return to us.   £25 per key is charged if we loose keys and they are not returned.  These security keys cost a lot to have re made.



( between £10 - £100 )

  • If a card number is rejected by the bank and we have to phone / e mail and get another card number:

  • Or you have given incorrect details:-

  • Or if you do not have enough clearance on your card for the amount to be charged:-

  • Or if you use multiple credit cards for one simple booking:-

  • Or if it is felt you are really messing us about;-

  • Or if you use several different e mail addresses in making a single booking and cause confusion:-

  • Or you ignore what we have requested from you and decide to do it ' your way' which is counterproductive and makes more work for us:-

  • Or if you send us unsolicited abusive emails.

  • Or if you constantly e mail with bits and pieces and still we have not received all the correct information requested

  • Or if we have multiple e mails for a simple booking:-

  • Or if you make a reservation and then because of no funds in your credit / debit card account we have to wait to take payment and we try multiple times to get card clearance  :-

  • If you take our Room Key with you on departure - and you do not pop it in the post to be returned to us, a £25 per key will be charged.  Being part of a Security System makes these keys expensive and difficult to replace.


  • PLEASE be thoughtful of our work schedule and the amount of hours we work each day. Offering a proficient and professional approah - both ways - as far as we all can, really does help and if we make mistakes, we offer compensation ( free night - free weekend and or a free meal ) and an apology.  We all make mistakes and expect a mature response  in reply.

Sorry for all these rules, but in business, we have to have them or there are those who will close us down with thoughtless and inconsideration to how we run a business and like every business in the land, we are not here to be abused and have our time wasted and sadly, too many gay men resent and envy and so send hate mail and mess us about - hence - these Terms & Conditions and that's how we have been here for 24 years in March 2024.  














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